Eugene Koontz
Oakland, CA (650) 861-9777

Site Reliability Engineer with experience maintaining, operating, enhancing and debugging Hadoop and related software and participating in the Apache community. Apache Giraph committer and past PMC member.

Work Experience


January 2017 - present
San Francisco

Site Reliability Engineer

  • Developed automatic failover service written in Java and running on Kubernetes, for replicated HBase cluster pairs to increase availability and reduce need for human response to instance failures.
  • Led infrastructure migration on Amazon Web Services (AWS) from Chef to Terraform and Salt, improving scalability and ability for other engineers to launch and maintain services.
  • Developed Terraform and Salt code to provision environments in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • Developed tooling for capacity planning estimation to scale AWS resources economically.
  • Contributed to kafka-assigner, an open-source tool to balance Kafka topic partitions across available brokers.


May 2016 - December 2016


Created second language learning web application using Clojure and PostgreSQL to help students learn Italian, Spanish, and French. Worked closely with a second-language educator currently using the system in his classes. Released parts of the source code as an open source library on Github.


June 2013-April 2016
Cupertino CA

Siri Hadoop Operations Engineer

Member of group responsible for deployment, monitoring, and diagnosing of Hadoop clusters running HBase, Solr, Flume, Spark and Kafka. Participated in on-call rotation.

  • Developed workstation-local distribution of HBase, allowing developers to test work before cluster deployment.


March 2010-May 2013
Cupertino CA

Led Hadoop Group of 4 members, developed and maintained internal Hadoop distribution. Developed automated methods for upgrading and testing Hadoop clusters.

  • Led effort to upgrade internal Hadoop distribution from planning to deployment.
  • Helped curate Apache source code for internal distribution.
  • Security Enhancements to Apache Zookeeper: ZOOKEEPER-938
  • Improvements to Apache Giraph: GIRAPH-168, GIRAPH-211
  • Integration of Zookeeper Security enhancements with Apache HBase HBASE-2418
  • Numerous minor improvements to Apache Hadoop, Apache Pig, Apache HBase, hadoop-lzo.


June 2005-March 2010
Palo Alto CA

Software Engineer working on XML/HTTP web application environment for Municipalities Workflow Processes, using AJAX/(Javascript/DHTML) on client side and PHP, XSLT, Java, and PostgreSQL on server-side. Developed GIS (Geographical Information Systems) component and Search component and developed Ajax framework and XHTML cross-application library/widget set.


February 2004-June 2005
Palo Alto CA

Senior Software Engineer working on email security (anti-spam and anti-fraud) software. Developed web-based diagnostic tools for effectiveness evaluation using a custom-written IMAP-to-database queue which imported spam honeypot email from multiple IMAP servers into an evaluation database. Developed statistical phishing fraud mail classifier. Extended existing codebase to improve effectiveness against evolving mail security threats.

Sony speech recognition group

January 2003-February 2004
San Jose CA

Designed and implemented multithreaded networked client for speech recognizer written in C++. Wrote network tcp connection proxy in Perl using custom modules. Wrote network clients in Perl and Tcl to interface with speech recognition server. Designed interactive database system for speech pronunciation data in python. Ported speech recognition system from solaris to linux.

Publications and Conference Presentations