"* Is Dying" :

The unauthorized, incomplete, unabridged guide

to the "* Is Dying" troll template.

trolls are either posts on message boards like Slashdot, which are either brilliantly witty or annoying as hell. A troll template is a generic troll that has parameters that you fill in as suits your context. These are printed without permission of the posters; most of them are Anonymous. In the future, we may examine these trolls for signs of who wrote them and their pedigrees (*BSD is dying started the who thing, but then what?)

Here are some examples of applications of * Is Dying :

Discussion of origins of "* Is Dying" on trollaxor.com. No substantial information as to origins seems to have come out of this discussion though..

If you know of other "* Is Dying" trolls, or if you have your own, please send them to me; I will post them and give you credit if you wish.
Eugene Koontz
Last modified: Mon Oct 30 14:11:45 PST 2006